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Melanie is an artist based in Cornwall in the UK.  She has exhibited her work both in the UK and internationally.  Her work has been showcased in large exhibitions and art fairs, such as the Saatchi Other Art Fair.  She is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York.


Melanie’s work explores memories both recent and distant, as she covers then reveals a figure often standing in for herself, rediscovering something half forgotten.  The work addresses life-changing events in a way that is both playful and idiosyncratic.


Melanie is currently collaborating with Dance artist Caroline Schanche on a performance installation. This work ‘ We Are Splendid’ explores the stages of grief through film, text, movement and image and is due to be performed in museum spaces in Cornwall later this year. 


Melanie’s engagement practice, includes projects such as  ‘Making the Invisible, Visible’ – a film collaboration with Park View, Holifield Farm (day care centers for adults with learning differences) Caroline Schanche and The Museum of Cornish Life. Melanie also facilitates a variety of art workshops with different groups and in a range of settings. The aim of these workshops is to encourage wellbeing whilst developing creative skills.

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